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Lab resources

The facilities of our research group includes a laboratory for general use and spermatology, a laboratory for IVF (in vitro fertilization) and embriology, a dark room for fluorescence microscopy, a walk-in fridge (5 °C) and a mobile laboratory.

General use and spermatology laboratory

This laboratory is equipped with the usual material for a cell biology lab: micropipettes, balances, chemical cabinet, glassware, incubators, pHmeter, osmometer, centrifuges, water distiller and two vertical freezers (-20 °C and -80 °C). Besides, we have several phase contrast microscopes for semen analysis (bright field, positive and negative phase contrast objectives). Two of them are attached to CASA systems (Computer Assisted Sperm Analysis), for motility, concentration and morphometry analysis.
We also own a microplate reader capable to analyze absorbance, fluorescence and luminiscence.

Germplasm bank

The germplasm bank is composed of four 50-L and two 20-L liquid nitrogen tanks, endowed with canisters to store seminal doses and embryos. We keep a stock of liquid nitrogen in three 50-L tanks. The material used for freezing samples is composed by two Dewars for freezing in liquid nitrogen vapours, a Planer biofreezer for embryo freezing and two Planer biofreezers for semen freezing, together with the corresponding liquid nitrogen tanks.

IVF and embryology laboratory

The IVF and embryology laboratory includes a laminar flow chamber, a stereoscopic microscope, three incubators with controlled CO2 influx and an inverted microscope with a micromanipulator system. The inverted microscope is connected to a digital system for image capture.

Dark room

This room has a phase contrast microscope with a fluorescence system and three fluorescence filters (UV, blue and green). The microscope is connected to a digital system for image capture.

Walk-in fridge

This room is constantly kept at 5 °C. Several benches allow to manipulating and storing samples and reactives that must be kept at that temperature.

Mobile Laboratory

Modified vehicle with a complete lab for collecting and freezing embryos and gametes in the field. This laboratory allows the group to working in optimal conditions, even far away from the central laboratory at the UCLM Campus in Albacete.
Exterior del laboratorio móvil
Interior del laboratorio móvil

Other resources

We routinely use a BD LSR-I flow cytometer belonging to the Regional Center for Biomedical Sciences (CRIB), endowed with three lasers and eight photodetectors. With this cytometer we have attained to simultaneously study up to four physiological sperm parameters.