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The Group of Reproductive Biology (GBR) is a research group of the University of Castilla-La Mancha (Campus of Albacete) which develops its activity in the National Wildlife Research Institute (IREC). The main activity of the group, created in 1995, is the research on artificial insemination and semen cryopreservation in domestic and wild ruminants (deer, mouflon, gazelle, ovine). Our objective is the improvement and application of assissted reproductive techniques in the management of domestic and wild species. Besides, we are studying the use of such techniques for the conservation of endangered breeds and species.
The most outstanding result of our research group has consisted in the development of techniques homologated for the artificial insemination and semen cryopreservation in Iberian red deer (Cervus elaphus hispanicus). Consequently, these techniques can be currently used as routine in this subspecies. Our group have pioneered the application of the artificial insemination in red deer in Spain, and nowadays it is the only national group capable to carry out these reproductive technologies in this subspecies. In fact, one of our most notable achievements has been attaining fertilities at delivery higher than 60%, after inseminating with cryopreserved semen.
Moreover, we have done research on ovine and caprine species, resulting of special interest the studies carried out for the National Association of Manchega Sheep Breeders (AGRAMA).

Research lines

  • Basic endocrinology and reproductive control in wild ungulates
  • Semen cryopreservation and artificial insemination in wild ungulates
  • Inbreeding and reproductive parameters in wild ungulates
  • Reproductive ecology in ungulates