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Research lines

Semen cryopreservation and artificial insemination in wild ungulates

Studies aiming at improving current semen freezing protocols in several cynegetics ungulates. We are studying the consecutive steps of the freezing technique and the optimization of the composition of freezing extenders. Besides, we are analyzing the variation factors that may influence the sperm resistance to cryopreservation in these species, specially regarding inbreeding levels in the males.
Key words: deer, mouflon, gazelle, spermatozoa, cryoprotectants, glycerol

Inbreeding and reproductive parameters in wild ungulates

Studies on the deletereous effects of inbreeding on parameters related to the reproductive status of the males: antler, semen and general status.
Key words: deer, antler, semen, inbreeding

Basic endocrinology and reproductive control in wild ungulates

Studies on the secretion of hormones regulating the reproductive cycles of males and females from the major ungulate species of cynegetics interest. We aim at determining the hormonal changes involving the beginning of the breeding season, in order to modify them.
Key words: deer, mouflon, estrous cycle, reproductive seasonality

Reproductive ecology in ungulates

Studies of the reproductive adaptations of several wild ungulates explained in function of its ecological niche.
Palabras clave: ciervo, semen, ecología