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We are a research group dedicated to study assisted reproduction techniques for domestic and wild animals. Our work is aimed at the improvement of the management of animal populations and to the conservation of endangered species.

At this site you can find a more complete presentation of the group, knowing our lines of research, or the members of the research group.

We also offer a range of services related to assisted reproduction techniques in small ruminants, especially sheep, goat and deer.


  • Article in the magazine Cerca about the GBR.

  • Article in the Scientific Press Agency of the UCLM about the GBR.
  • Last publications listed in PubMed.
  • June 5th 2007. Comments and response to our last article in Science: Our last article published in Science, on the relationship among male deer fertility and sex ratio, has been commented. The proponents aim at the possibility of testosterone working as a link among semen quality, antler size and sex ratio. However, our last data do not support testosterone having such a role.
  • February 15th, 2007. Divulgative article in the "Trofeo" hunting journal: Julián Garde has written a divulgative article on the on the relationship among male deer fertility and sex ratio (see paper in Science).
  • December 1st, 2006. GBR paper published in Science: The results of one of our research lines, carried out jointly with GEBIR from National Museum of Natural Sciences, have been published in the prestigious journal Science.